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24 Hour Domestic & Sexual Violence Helpline

Open to all women and men affected by domestic and sexual violence

0808 802 1414

Women’s Aid is the lead agency in tackling domestic/sexual abuse and seeks through its work to promote healthy and non-abusive relationships.  

We offer:

  1. One to one support
  2. Emotional support
  3. Support with physical / mental health and well-being
  4. Information and guidance
  5. Advocacy with statutory and non-statutory organisations
  6. Risk assessment and risk management
  7. Safety and protection planning
  8. Drop in Service
  9. Advice and support with housing, “move on” and resettlement
  10. Access to Children and Young Persons support services.
  11. Access to counselling service
  12. Court Support
  13. Domestic / Sexual Abuse awareness training for professionals / agencies
  14. Services available– Refuge; Floating Support Services; Children and Young Persons Services.
  15. Programmes Available:
    • Journey to Freedom – Identifies the patterns that exist within an abusive relationship. It aims to empower women through building self-esteem and confidence, developing the knowledge to create change.
    • Insight– This is a new 5 week programme to help women to start to build good self-esteem, self-worth and confidence
    • You and Me, Mum – This 10 week programme is to empower and support mothers to develop further understanding of their role in addressing the needs of their children and young people who have lived with domestic / sexual violence. Helping mums to build resilience in children and young people is we believe an essential aspect of our support services.