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24 Hour Domestic & Sexual Violence Helpline

Open to all women and men affected by domestic and sexual violence

0808 802 1414

1 in 5 children in the UK are exposed to domestic abuse.  This is based on a study of 11-17 year olds.  Radford, L.et al. (2011) Child abuse and neglect in the UK today.  London NSPCC.


Women’s Aid Armagh Down believe that domestic / sexual violence and abuse is a direct attack on the mother-child bond and the work of women’s aid is to assist mothers and their children deal with the trauma they have experienced as a family and begin the slow process of reconnecting and healing.



The global estimate of children affected by domestic violence is in the range of 133 to 275 million with 4.6 to 11.3 million of which in developed countries.  Domestic abuse has a profound impact on children.  According to Unicef publication, ‘Behind Closed Doors’ children need the following:
1.  A safe and secure home:
2.  They need to know there are adults who will listen to them, believe them and shelter them;
3.  A sense of routine and normalcy;
4.  Support services to meet their needs;
5.  To learn that domestic violence is wrong and learn non-violent methods of resolving conflicts;
6.  They need adults to speak out and BREAK THE SILENCE.
Programmes delivered by us:

Helping Hands- primary school age:

Core themes-

1.  We have the right to feel safe all the time;
2.  Nothing is so awful (or so small) that we cannot talk about it with someone;
3.  Others have the right to feel safe around us.

Heading for Healthy Relationships-post primary school age:

This programme aims to educate young people by providing them with information that will enable them to make informed choices about their lives.  The programme raises awareness around the topic of domestic violence and helps young people to recognise unhealthy relationships and sustain healthy relationships.