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Help for someone else

Are you worried about someone you know?

It is very likely you will know someone who is experiencing domestic abuse at some point in your life.

  • Do you worry about what to say?
  • Do you worry you will make things worse?
  • Do you worry about doing nothing?

It is normal to have these worries if you are concerned about someone you know living with an abusive partner.

But you can help and support.

Do’s & Don’ts

Parker, 2015

Friends and family can be a key link in the chain to leaving abuse behind, as these are the individuals most likely to be aware of abuse early on.

Domestic abuse is underpinned by power and control; perpetrators seek to control their victims often by isolating them from friends and family.

Making them feel shameful or that the abuse is their fault, or making them fear the consequences of what might happen if they disclose the abuse to someone.

Because of this, victims often find it incredibly difficult to talk about what is happening, either because they are scared, ashamed or perhaps don’t recognise that what their partner is doing is abusive.