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Women’s Aid Armagh Down offer a wide range of additional projects aimed at improving the lives of women affected by domestic abuse

IRIS Patient feedback

Hugely grateful that the doctor referred me. I wouldn’t have done myself. I was in a very bad place. I was really lonely and she didn’t push anything at me, but made it clear there were options.

The Identification & Referral to Improve Safety (IRIS) Project, is open to both female and male patients aged 18+ who have experienced domestic and sexual abuse or childhood sexual abuse.   It offers the practice team a direct contact for support and consultation for cases as well as specialist training and ongoing support for the practice and it’s patients.   It is open to the whole practice, not just clinical staff as Reception & Administration staff will also have received tailored specialist training too.
The 5 R’s principle of Recognise, Respond, Risk, Refer and Record is at the core of the training for GP’s and the practice staff.
Contact your local GP practice and ask if they are an IRIS trained practice.

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The IRIS Model

If you are a practice and wish to sign up to the IRIS service please contact the IRIS worker:

Leona 07739085483

GP feedback

Really helpful sessions, many thanks. Feel much more confident in detection and dynamics of domestic abuse now. Feel reassured by having a support contact available now also.

The Domestic Abuse and Safety Support Service (DASS), is a specialised service for women aged 16+ experiencing domestic abuse.
This service is available within the Southern Trust areas of Craigavon and Daisy Hill hospital.
The DASS service serves to provide immediate support and advice to women who are experiencing domestic abuse, within a hospital setting. Additionally, this service aims to link individuals and their families into longer term support within the community.
The DASS service also provides hospital staff with onsite specialised training, so that they have the confidence to ask about domestic abuse and be able to recognise the signs.

DASS Patient feedback

The support I received was pleasantly unexpected as I have never received support before, it provided me with support and reassurance and it really helped me. I am so grateful.

Promoting Positive Relationships Programme (PPRP) is a strengths-based programme for individuals who have had a history of adjudicated and/or un- adjudicated abusive behaviours in Intimate Partner Relationships.
Families are identified by Social Services across Northern Ireland for suitability, and an essential component to these programmes is Multi-Agency working.
This includes the role of the Partner Support Worker undertaken by Women’s Aid – PSW, who will offer support to the Partner/Former Partner of the participant for the duration of the programme.

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