Interested in running a fundraising event for the benefit of Women’s Aid Armagh Down?
Fundraising can be a fun way to raise much needed funds for our charity.
Fundraising can be very rewarding but also challenging, so why not get in touch and we can support you with your fundraising.
We have a number of ideas to get you started…

Have an idea…

1. Get in Touch

Let us know your fundraising idea and we can help you with promotional material and give you a shout out on our social media accounts.

2. Tell people

Let others know your plans to run an event in aid of our charity. Let them know the difference they will make to women and children’s lives who have experienced domestic abuse.

3. Run your event

Whether it is a bake sale, coffee morning, marathon, etc. We can provide you with collection boxes to collect your donations on the day.

4. Make your donation

After all that hard work simply collect all of your donations together and contact us to arrange making your donation. We also like to thank each fundraiser with a photo of your hard work on our social media pages.


  1. Set up an online sponsorship page or you can contact us to provide a sponsorship form.
  2. Set a target – how much would you like to raise? This gives you and others a goal to reach.
  3. You can run a fundraising event in your school, workplace, local clubs etc…
  4. Encourage friends and family to get involved with your event.
  5. Share your event on social media or other media outlets.
  6. Get creative with your promotional material or get in touch so we can help.
  7. Please contact us to support your fundraising efforts.