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Digital safety

Women’s Aid (England) research on online domestic abuse found that:

  • For 85% of respondents the abuse they received online from a partner or ex-partner was part of a pattern of abuse they also experienced offline.
  • Nearly a third of respondents (29%) experienced the use of spyware or GPS locators on their phone or computers by a partner or ex-partner.
  • For half (50%) of respondents the online abuse they experienced also involved direct threats to them or someone they knew.
  • Nearly a third of those respondents who had received threats stated that where threats had been made online by a partner or ex-partner they were carried out.

Digital abuse is the use of technology and online platforms to harass, bully, intimidate or stalk a current or ex partner.


Digital Safety Tips

  • Change your passwords
  • Set up two factor authentications on all devices and accounts
  • Turn off tracking options on apps. Do this for your and your children’s devices
  • Check your email accounts for any pre-set forwarding email address
  • If safe reset your phone to factory settings. Do not forget to backup your contacts, images, messages etc before doing this
  • Keep a record of any messages, email etc from your abuser
  • In high risk situations avoid Social Media where possible
  • Discuss online safety with your children

Need to cover your tracks online?

Refuge in England have developed a dedicated website to help keep you safe online.

There are lots of helpful tips and interactive tools to use to help you secure your technology.

Remember you have the right to be safe online!!
Digital Safety