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Children & Young People’s Services

Children and young people are very often the hidden victims. Women’s Aid understands and want to support you and your children. We offer a range of trauma sensitive support for children and young people who have experienced/witnessed domestic abuse.


Domestic abuse is recognised as one of the top ten recognised adverse childhood experiences (ACE).

It impacts upon all areas of children and young people’s lives, including,
  • physical and mental health
  • self esteem
  • confidence
  • education
  • relationships
  • recreation and social activities
with wide ranging and potentially traumatic effects that will differ for every child/young person.

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Adverse Childhood Experiences in Northern Ireland


Women's Aid Armagh Down can help support children and young people...

We offer a range of support for children and young people.

Remember, children and young people can and do recover from the negative impact of domestic abuse provided the adequate support and reassurance is in place.

Research by UNICEF (2017) shows that worldwide 1 in 4 children under the age of 5 live with a mother who has been a recent victim of partner violence. 

Women’s Aid NI calls for full recognition of children and young people as equal victims of domestic violence. We want to see a collective strategic response to meet their needs at individual, community, organisation and government levels. Children and young people have a voice and want to be heard …we believe it is time to see, hear and act for all children who are living with domestic abuse.

See, Hear, Act: A Strategy for Children and Young People (2019-2029)

The Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland in partnership with Queen’s University developed a report focusing on developing trauma informed practice in Northern Ireland in 2018.

This report has been prepared for the Trauma Informed Practice Project of the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland.
By Queen’s University, School of Social Sciences, Education & Social Work.

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