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24 Hour Domestic & Sexual Violence Helpline

Open to all women and men affected by domestic and sexual violence

0808 802 1414

Legislation-Get help

Legislation- The Family Homes and Domestic Violence (NI) Order 1998……

is the legislative framework under which victims of domestic violence can apply for protective orders.  The Non-Molestation Order is granted by a judge to prevent  a person from being able to abuse, harass, pester or threaten violence in any way to another person.  The Occupation Order can be put in place by a judge to declare who has the right to occupy the property.  This order can be issued as a stand alone order or issued in conjunction with a Non-Molestation Order.

When liaising with a solicitor you will answer various questions which are necessary to apply for relevant orders.  When you proceed to court you will be met by your chosen solicitor who will take you through your statement.  You will be signed appropriate documents which will be lodged in court.  Your solicitor will accompany you in to court to present your statement to the judge.  You may be asked a number of questions to gain clarity before the judge grants the order(s) sought.